When it comes to providing website thumbnails, not all services are created equal. While the concept of thumbnailing websites is simple, the execution makes all the difference between a good service and a bad one. At PagePeeker, we strive to provide the best service, employing top of the line technology. And while we pride with having top technology, out customers service is even better. You have to experience it to believe it.

What sets us apart on the technology front is the fact that we build our own tech. It's not an off the shelf product, it's not an open source product thrown on a couple servers and sold as a product. It's the labor of love of some 5 top engineers. We know our tech inside out, tinker continuously with it, and constantly improve it.

Our technology is focused on three coordinates, and we try to achieve perfection on each of them


When a page containing thumbnails loads, it can hit our servers with 20 requests for thumbnails at the same time. Multiply that by several thousands customers, some of them with highly trafficked sites and you'll figure out that speed is paramount to a good thumbnailing service. This is where our tech shines. It can server thousands of request simultaneously from commodity hardware. This allows us to achieve rendering times of under 5 seconds and display times of under 100 milliseconds per request.


With so many sites relying on our service to look good, imagine what would happen if it went down. Our customer's would have bad looking sites, their client retention rate would suffer and generally speaking it would be bad for business. That's why we wanted to make sure this would never happen. We use multiple servers, redundant internet connections and a solid scaling strategy to achieve a highly reliable service. Even if our software runs on commodity hardware, we use top of the line servers whenever possible, so you can be sure our service is reliable.


You might wonder why accuracy would be an issue for a thumbnailing service. After all, the pages are scaled down, sometimes so much that it's hard to recognize them. For some of our premium customers, this is important though. We have seen our service used in ways we have never envisioned. Some, for example, use screenshots not scaled down at all, so the pages captured have to be identical to the original ones. Our robot is so good in this respect, there is absolutely no difference between a screenshot done by yourself and one done by it.

There are currently about 30 companies providing website thumbnailing services in the world. In such a fierce market, new companies appear, others disappear, while others are stuck as they were several years ago. In order to survive in such a competitive environment, companies have to constantly innovate, improve their products and generally be at the top of their game. Otherwise it's game over for them.

When we originally decided to enter this market, we first asked ourselves: what advantages can we offer to our customers, so we can become their only choice? We quickly figured out there are two aspects where we can excel, while our competitors lack: technology and customer service.

On the technology front, we invested a huge amount of time and money on building the best screenshot robot. After 6 months in the development, we rolled it out to the general public in the fall of 2011. The response was overwhelming. Our customers were thrilled by the speed, reliability and accuracy of our technology. And because we spent so much time optimizing and improving it, its hardware requirements are so low, we can run it on commodity hardware. That results in unbeatable pricing. Even more reasons for our clients to love it.

On the customer service front, we had a very simple approach: customers should have no reason to contact us. And if they do contact us, we should answer their inquiries so fast, they should always be surprised. This worked well, because our tech is so stable, we had very little tech related support questions to answer on. And on the sales and general support, we did even better. We employed friendly staff, trained them to work in a professional manner and supervised their performance until we were 100% happy with how they worked. If you write to us, you'll also see that the top management routinely takes emails from our support queue, so they are always in touch with our customers and the issues they face.

PagePeeker is owned and operated by:

PagePeeker SRL
28 Brasov st, Apt. 61, Bucharest 6, Romania
VAT ID: RO32146161
Reg No: J40/10309/20.08.2013

Even though we are located in Romania, out executive team has been working for more than 10 years for US based companies. Therefore, we can combine the cost savings of operating from our location with the experience of working with US and European based companies.

If you need to contact us, the fastest way is to use our contact form. If you, for any reason, are not happy with our service, please contact our CEO directly at: .