Sometimes, you need to take site snapshots. Be it for your own site or for your competitors, it is a good idea to keep track of how the site evolved in time. The easiest way to do this is to capture the exact way the site looked at that time.

What is a site snapshot?

A site snapshot is an exact representation of how the site looked at the moment the snapshot was taken. This is also referred sometimes as a screenshot. Our premium package can provide such snapshots for you, either on an automated schedule or on demand.

Why take periodical snapshots?

It's a good idea to periodically take snapshots of your site. This, combined with SEO keyword tracking software, can give you a very good idea of why ranking changed, when the rank change is related to the updates on the web page. If you track your competitors and their market share, you can also correlate that data with the way their site design evolved. The only way to track design changes it by taking periodical snapshots.

How often should you take snapshots?

This really depends on how you use this information. Our recommendation is to take site snapshots once a week or more often. It's not advisable to take them more often than once a day, as it will only be a waste of resources. If a site changes within a day, the changes will be minimal and be caught by the next day snapshot anyway. Our specialists can work with you and help you identify the correct frequency, based on your usage scenario.

Ready to start?

We can get you started quickly on capturing site snapshots. Just sign up for a premium account or contact us. We'll get in touch and discuss your needs and set up your account.