That's right, we have a free versions of our service. You can take advantage of that and use PagePeeker on your site, without paying anything. This service is available free of charge.

Please check the free service alternatives below and choose the best for you.

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Free Branded Free Unbranded
FREE Link back required
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API calls / month No limit 100,000
Thumbnail Branding pagepeeker -
Thumbnail Size Up to 480x360 Up to 480x360
Caching Time 20 days 20 days
Typical Rendering Speed 30 - 60 sec 10 - 20 sec
Render any page
Custom Loading Image -
Your own domain name -
Full length screenshots - -
HTML to PDF conversion - -
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FREE Link back required
Most Popular

Please check our paid versions as well. They start at $5.99 per month and offer a lot more features.

Free thumbnails questions and answers

How long can I use the Free Branded version?
Use it as long as you like it. It never expires and will always be free.
Where should the link back to you be placed?
The link back needs to be placed always on your home page. There's no restriction on where on your home page it should be place though
Can I get a free account with no branding on the images?
Yes, but only if you link back to us. Alternatively, if you are an educational institution, we provide free premium accounts. Just contact us.
I don't like linking back, but still want no branding. What can I do?
You can get a paid account. The cheapest one is just $5.99 per month.
What's in it for you?
The free unbranded accounts help us establish our brand. The unbranded ones help spread the word about our service by linking back to us.
I have other questions
Please send them over and we'll be happy to answer.