Please read below the answers to the common questions asked about PagePeeker

Why do you show branded thumbs when I have an unbranded account?
Unbranded accounts require a link back to our site placed on the home page of your site. Please add your site to your account, then get the code provided and add it to your home page. Then click the button near the code field to validate it. If you can't get it validated, please contact us to help you.
How can I get a free premium account for my .EDU site?
We do provide a free service for the .EDU sites. In return, we just ask for a link back to our site. Just contact us and let us know the domain you are planing to use this on and what requirements you have. We'll set up your account and get back to you.
Does a thumbnail generation count as an API call?
When and how are the API calls counted?
The following actions increase the API calls count by 1:
  • Displaying an already created thumbnail
  • Creating a thumbnail when it's not already cached
  • Checking if a thumbnail is available
  • Any call to an API exposed by us
If I didn't use all my API calls quota, does it roll over in the following month?
No, the number of API calls per month is fixed. If you have a premium account, you can opt for a "pay as you go" system, provided you do over 5 million API calls per month. Please get in touch to discuss this.
What's the difference between the API calls and renders?
A render is the actual creation of a thumbnail image. That means our robot gets the page and then generates a thumbnail from it. Once generated, it is cached on our servers for several days. An API call means any call to our APIs.

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