Do you need to capture full page screenshots? If you answered yes to that question, you probably know already that there is no reliable provider for this service, apart from PagePeeker. That's because being able to grab the full length page requires a massive research investment. We are the only company that makes the commitment to invest massively in research and development. This investment gets you innovative products such as this one.

Why full page screenshots?

There are a variety of scenarios where having a full page screenshot will help. The main usage is to have a snapshot of how the site looked like at the time of taking the screenshot. Since the images we provide are for the entire page, not just the part above the fold, you will have the entire page saved exactly as it looked like at that time. After having the image saved, the most likely usage is to embed it in your site and present it to your customers. They will surely be impressed by your ability to provide these.

How can these be customized?

Since this service is offered to premium account holders, a number of customizations are available:

Ready to get it for your site?

We can have an account created for you quickly and customized to fit your needs. All you need to do is sign up for a premium account or contact us. We'll write back to discuss your needs and get your account up and running quickly.